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EE301:Control Engineering, Seminar Topics

The list of seminar topics selected by the teams participating in paper presentation on Control Engineering is displayed below, if you find any discrepancy kindly inform me at the earliest.

Group Number Topic Members
1 Vision-based intelligent vehicles: Abhiramy Kesav
State of the art and perspectives Febi C
Parvathy R
Sajina K R
2 An introduction to Neural networks used Parvathy Krishnan K
in control systems Remya R Chandran
Aryamol Sudhakaran
Priyanka Sasidharan
3 Wireless power tansfer system for implanted Sharat s
and worn devices Aravind k
4 Safety of Computer Control Systems: Sachin
Challenges and results in software development Sreeraj
5 Power Management Strategy for a Parallel Hybrid Sivaraman
Electric Truck Anoop G
Sreejith P
6 A fuzzy logic controller for synchronous Poornima S
machine Reshma S
Richa Shaji
Sreelakshmi S
7 Biologically inspired Controller for Divya B
Swarms in dynamic environments Jyotsna Jayachandran
Poornima B
Shubha Prabhu
8 Smart Antennas for Mobile Communications Rahul Rajan
Team Quad Sreejith Nair
Amit Menon
Lekshmi R C
9 Intelligent Control of Dynamic Target Devi G Nair
Tracking of a Car-Like Wheeled Robot Lakshmi Menon
in a Sensor-Network Environment Sharanya Anil
Soumya Shankar
10 Control of a 5DOF Magnetically Chandrasekar P
Levitated Positioning Stage Sanjay Santosh
Krishnamohan Jayaraj
Athul M V
11 A Neural Non-linear Predictive Aditya Soman
Control for PEM-FC Nirmal Pyarilal
Sibi O N
Sanal Kumar M
12 An EMG-based force control Krishnendu S
system for prosthetic arm Amritha N
Krishna H
Sikha S
13 Active Steering for Better Safety, Aravind R C
Handling and Comfort Amith Krishnan
14 Tactile interfaces for small touch screen Hari M S
Jithin Paul
Rahul Vijayan
15 Recurrent Inversion of Visual Orientation Saranya T L
in the Walking Fly Parvathy G Nair
Sanjay Sasikumar
16 Design aspects of a Bluetooth controlled Anil CS
universal power plug Derick George
Bimal K
Thomas Joseph

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