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Seminar Schedule S5EEE

Each Seminar date will see two teams delivering their paper presentation.
The team will receive 15 mins for their presentation followed by a shoot-the-bird-down session of questions from a panel. You may use relevant audio – visual media to your advantage to make the presentation more pleasing and understandable.
Wish you all the best !!

Group Number Topic Members Date
1 Vision-based intelligent vehicles: Abhiramy Kesav 25/10/09
State of the art and perspectives Febi C
Parvathy R
Sajina K R
2 An introduction to Neural networks used Parvathy Krishnan K 25/10/09
in control systems Remya R Chandran
Aryamol Sudhakaran
Priyanka Sasidharan
3 Wireless power transfer system for Sharat s 20/10/09
implanted and worn devices Aravind k
4 Safety of computer control systems Sachin 21/10/09
5 Power Management Strategy for a Sivaraman 25/10/09
Parallel Hybrid Electric Truck Anoop G
Sreejith P
6 Fuzzy Logic Controller for synchronous Poornima S 25/10/09
machine Reshma Suresh
Richa Shaji
Sreelakshmi S
7 Biologically inspired Controller for Divya B 25/10/09
Swarms in dynamic environments Jyotsna Jayachandran
Poornima B
Shubha Prabhu
8 Smart Antennas for Communication Rahul Rajan 07/10/09
Team Quad Sreejith Nair
Amit Menon
Lekshmi R C
9 Intelligent Control of Dynamic Target Devi G Nair 25/10/09
Tracking of a Car-Like Wheeled Robot Lakshmi Menon
in a Sensor-Network Environment Sharanya Anil
Soumya Shankar
10 Control of a 5DOF Magnetically Chandrasekar P 07/10/09
Levitated Positioning Stage Sanjay S (52)
Krishnamohan Jayaraj
Athul M V
11 A Neural Non-linear Predictive Adithya Soman 25/10/09
Control for PEM-FC Nirmal Pyarilal
Sibi O N
Sanal Kumar M
12 An EMG-based force control Krishnendu S 06/10/09
system for prosthetic arm Amritha N
Krishna H
Sikha S
13 Active Steering for Better Safety, Aravind R C 25/10/09
Handling and Comfort Amit Krishnan
14 Tactile interfaces for small touch screen Hari M S 06/10/09
Jithin Paul
Rahul Vijayan
15 Recurrent inversion of visual orientation Saranya T L 21/10/09
in a walking fly Parvathy G Nair
Sanjay S (53)
16 Design aspects of a Bluetooth controlled Anil CS 20/10/09
universal power plug Derick George
Bimal K
Thomas Joseph
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