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The fresh dates based on changes requested by you are posted below.

Each day, three groups are scheduled  to present their understanding of the technical paper selected by them. You may employ relevant audio-visual media to interest the audience.

Date Group No. Topic Members
04/10/09 1 Noninvasive Brain-Actuated Control of a Arun K S
Mobile Robot by Human EEG Nithin K R
Devidayal Soman
Rahul Remanan
04/10/09 2 EEG and artifact classification Mithila P
using a neural network Ganga Gopakumar
Shilpa Rajan
Arathy R Kumar
04/10/09 10 Two-channel data logger for quantitative Navya M K
EEG recording while driving Neethu Valsan
Lakshmi N Pillai
Anjali S K
04/10/09 6 Nanorobot Hardware Architecture for Neeraj A
(please confirm) Medical Defense Nikhil Krishnan M
Pradeep p
Vineeth Kumar V
04/10/09 9 Potential Brain Imaging using Nimisha T M
(please confirm) Near Field Radiometry Rini Joseph
Pratheeksha S Nair
04/10/09 11 STARFAST: a Wireless Wearable EEG/ Vishnu Premkumar
(please confirm) ECG Biometric System based on the Jince Thomas
ENOBIO Sensor Brijithlal Surendran
Dhanraj P
23/10/09 4 Study of Interaction of Pacemaker Ragesh P
Electrode with High Frequency RF Fields Akhil G
Anoop N G
Anupam Vedanth
23/10/09 5 Reference signal extraction from corrupted Anoop Menon K
ECG using wavelet decomposition forMRI Manoranjan K
sequence triggering: application to Simon Cherry
small animals Mathew S K
23/10/09 7 Eddy Currents based flexible sensor for Siva Kumar
Contactless measurement of breathing Akash P
Vivek Vijayan
24/10/09 8 An ultra-low-power image compressor for Aswathy Raj
capsule endoscope Jayashree M
Preetha S
Silpa R Kamath
24/10/09 12 Time reversal kaleidoscope: a new concept Syam Mohan
for smart 3D imaging Midhun P K
Hari Krishnan V
Melvin Sabu
Thomas R Jacob
24/10/09 3 A Wireless-Implantable Microsystem for Thanusree Mohan
Continuous Blood Glucose Monitoring Anjali Ramesh
Deepti Krishnan
Devika Raj
30/10/09 13 The Heidelberg tactile vision Sarath S
substitution system Deepu S
Sreehari G
Ramdev Prabhu N
Nithin Krishnan
30/10/09 14 Image-guided surgery and medical K K Kishore
robotics in the cranial area S Hareesh
Karthik A
Vivek Rajeev
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