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EE301 Assignment 2 : questions posted here

Posted by Lets Get Educated on 20 September, 2009

All students registered to this course are expected to post their assignments on their blog pages. The window for accepting assignments closes on 2nd Oct -12 midnight.

PLAGIARISM WILL NOT BE TOLERATED and will be treated as a null submission. Apply reference numbers and state the source of your reference at the bottom.

Question 1. What is a Synchro? Is it related in any way to a stepper motor?           (max. 400 words)

Question 2. What are incremental encoders? Are they useful to us in any way?       (max. 200 words)

Question 3. What do the poles and zeros contribute to in the control system.         (max. 300 words)

Question 4. What would the effect of adding a zero  to a control system?               (max. 200 words)

Instructions to submit your assignments.

Once you have created your blog answer,logout from your account. Then click on the answer-blog title. It will take you to your “blog entry page”. Copy the link now visible in the address bar and mail it to me at  subject for mail should be specifically  ” Assignment 2 “.

For Example: Format to be used for the mail submission.

Subject : Assignment 2

Message box :

Name: Akshay N

Roll Number : AM102EE001

Answer 1 :

Answer 2 :

Answer 3 : -3/

Answer 4 :

Happy holidays! 🙂


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S5EEE bloglist available here

Posted by Lets Get Educated on 3 August, 2009

Dear Students,

i have uploaded the bloglist here :

S5EEE Assignment-page links

Your assignment evaluations and grading policy will be published soon.

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